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I had an important realization recently: I don’t necessarily value the process of creating a photograph as much as I enjoy the process of creating an image. That is to say, while I love grabbing my camera and taking pictures, the part I really enjoy is watching those pictures come together to make something new. This has been expressing itself in my miniaturization work over the past few months. Photos of me and Mikey. You’ve probably seen them on Facebook.

The process of blending various images at different scales to try and give them a trippy “what am I looking at” vibe has caused me to develop an obsession with shadows. What makes a shadow look ‘real’? It’s a lot more than just the direction the light is coming from. It’s the way it diffuses, and the density. But it’s more than that, it’s also how it falls on different surfaces. I thought this month I’d try working with really clean shadows, using the flat white surfaces in the images below. The problem with clean shadows though is that every imperfection screams at you. Do me a favor and don’t look at them too closely. Thanks.

Finally, in my most satisfying series, the very talented knitting and crochet aficionado Rivka Buchanan, helped me settle on a concept that circles her own passion. I liked the idea that she could use the resulting images on her (soon to be launching) Etsy store, while also being an interesting series in their own right for my blog. I like when things have more than one purpose. Rivka made all the knitted clothing in these images, and was kind enough to act as my model. She was very patient.

Total time spent on this project: Somewhere around 15 hours.