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Not as recently as I’d like, I spent a few days trudging the streets of New York. Just for for fun. I met a working stage actor and bought tea that smells like a campfire. I went bar hopping, which is not something I do. And I pointed my camera at stuff I normally don’t. Namely the interesting ways that the city walls meet each other, and the reflections of giant buildings looking at each other.

New York City Walls

Wavy building reflection For a moment, I had all these artsy thoughts about the meaning behind these images. “It’s like, when you try to understand someone, it’s always like, distorted, man.” There isn’t really any meaning, and I kind of hate the feeling that it needs it.


But, I enjoyed looking for naturally occurring collaborative design. Not that I have any way of knowing what is naturally occurring. But imagining is more fun anyway. When two businesses open up shop in the same building and their colors just go together so well, you’d swear they were working together. Also, I really love straight lines, and cities have lots of them.

Spending the time in New York City–venturing off on my own sometimes–made me feel like it is an experience I’d like to have more regularly.


I hate this picture.