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This weekend the creative itch struck and I spent some time with the camera playing in the dirt. Actually, no that’s not true. Felipe and I were just taking advantage of this fine young gentleman’s availability.

Dirt Mogul

This was the first image I created. The ravine in the background is actually quite large, and situated so that it comes to an end at the edge of a sidewalk. Shooting at a very small aperture, and limiting foreground, I was able to confuse the true dimensions dramatically.

I was pretty satisfied after this image, but of course we kept wandering around and shooting. For the time we were out there, Felipe captured more noteworthy images than I did, but I had plenty of fun. And the images I did capture during our outing made for some really creative entertainment when we returned home.

OBSTRUCTED movie poster

We spent an embarrassingly long time on that movie poster right there. And we might’ve gotten a little ahead of ourselves with the joke. But laughter abounded and the drives to Acquire, Bond and Learn were all quite satisfied. Then suddenly, through the giggling, frames from Obstructed started appearing in the images I had no intention of sharing. Which is worth sharing.

when he kills a guy with a brick scene from obstructed

“you eva’ wonda’ how much a brick weighs?”

close up before he kills a guy with a brick scene from obstructed

“Prob’ly ’bout 6 pounds”

personal revelation scene from obstructed

NOTE: “touch your lips, you know, sensually…” is not a good photo directive.

the part where he's in the road scene from obstructed

The scene where he notices something important…

close up in the road scene from obstructed

… And it’s just a little above him.

the hill scene from obstructed

Man, I don’t know. Rescue finally, or something?